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Manoel Neto “xmanekox”

What’s your name?
Manoel Neto a.k.a xmanekox.
Where you are from?
Brasilia DF.
How old are you? And how much time did you create designs of that style?
I was born in 1982, I've been tattooing since '99.
How did you get contact with this style in the first place?
Hummmm I think with a Sailor Jerry book a friend gave to me.
Can you talk a little bit about you and your beginning in the tattoo world?
I got into tattooing cuz i met a guy that was doing custom tattooing in other state, thats thing turn me on and it was just love at first sigh!
There’s some special reason for you to like this kind of designs?
Ow yeah, I love simple things with deep meaning.
Tell us some names that really influence you on your designs?
Hum…That's hard cuz their so much… ok, that's a few - Norman Keith Collins, Percy Walters, Stoney, Bert Grimm, Jack Rudy, Og Abel, Mr. Cartoon……and a lot more.
Which is the elements that you like most and why? (e.g., some likes more roses, others diamonds and so on)
I love lettering and that's it, I think you can encase a shitty design and make it dope with a nice lettering!!!
When you are creating some designs for tattoo, you think that's important to know the meanings of each design?
For sure, to make it deeper than a design!
Can you explain how born a idea for a design for a tattoo in your mind? What’s your inspiration?
My inspiration is my daily struggle and the clients energy, that's priority.
In which circumstances did you have better ideas for designs?
when it means something to me as well
Did you think that the artist should reinvent themselves every day trying new things? (talk about it if possible)
Hum, maybe that's cool, but this way you may never find a personal style, that's wassup with me right now! hahaha
Did you feel sorry for sale some of your unique arts or original paintings?
I never did, only trade.
Which of your own designs did you like most?
Oh man….that's hard!!! hahahhahaha
Did you have some collection of other artist’s art?
Ow yeah, I'm a collector freak! A geek!!!
Tell some of your favorite tattooist/designers from today?
All the guys at Smith Street NY, Cartoon, Mr. Flakes (he the sickest letter guy on earth), Chaz and rRtna from the Seventh Letter Crew, Hebert Baglioni and a lot more as well.
Did you have some sketchbook or arts for sale? If have, where the people can find it?
Some times I do it but just for conventions.
Did you have some message that you want to pass or something to say to our readers?
Yeah, stay gold and never loose your PMA!!!!! Life is just what we made out of it so make it good, keep positive and respect the old timers!!!
Manoel Neto "xmanekox" Works at:
.....traditional tattoo parlour.....
SRTVS Edf. Assis Chateaubriand Bloco 1 Sala 514
Fone - 3322-2527

Maneko - Mini doc from 13thUnit on Vimeo. A mini doc about one of the finest tattoo artists. for Mommy i keep it gangsta: http://www.mommyikeepitgangsta.com/​ Directed by 13th Unit: http://www.13thunit.com/​


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