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Davee Interview Interview

Davee Interview

interview with Polish Tattooer Davee

Built on Tradition. A collection of Backpieces. Interview

Built on Tradition. A collection of Backpieces.

interview with American Tattooer Jeromey "Tilt" McCullough of New Life Tattoo in…

Dusty Neal Interview Interview

Dusty Neal Interview

interview with American Tattooer Dusty Neal of Black Anvil Tattoo in Fort…

Dave Ball Interview Interview

Dave Ball Interview

Interview with American tattooer Dave Ball of Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn,…

Matt Bivetto Interview Interview

Matt Bivetto Interview

Interview with American tattooer Matt Bivetto of Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn,…

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Awesome Tattoos # 173

01st October 2014

David Bruehl Tattoo

David Bruehl (@davidbruehl) (Redletter1 Tattoo) 

Eli Falconette Tattoo

Eli Falconette (@eli_falconette) (Blacklist Tattoo)

Frank Carter Tattoo

Frank Carter (@frankcarter23) (Sang Bleu Tattoo)

Joe Ellis Tattoo

Joe Ellis (@joeellistattoo) (Sacred Electric Tattoo)

Joshua Marks Tattoo

Joshua Marks (@joshuamarkstattoos) (Envision Tattoo)

Lollo Red Tattoo

Lollo Red (@lollotattoo) (Toy Tattoo Parlour)

Robert Ashby Tattoo

Robert Ashby (@robert_w_ashby) (Off Key Tattoo)

Ryan Shaffer Tattoo

Ryan Shaffer (@ryanshaffer) (Idle Hand Tattoo)

Isaiah Toothtaker Tattoo

Isaiah Toothtaker (@toothtaker) (Staring Without Caring Tattoo)


London Tattoo Convention.

01st October 2014

I spent last weekend at the 10th annual London Tattoo Convention. It's become a staple in my calendar and never fails to impress. Playing host to some of the worlds best tattooers in an abandoned shopping centre in Londons Tobacco Dock the convention is huge with room after room of top notch tattooers of all genres. Here's some of the photos we got from the weekend

London Tattoo Convention

Paul Hewitt of AONO Barbers

London Tattoo Convention

London Tattoo Convention

Alex Whiley (backpiece by Chad Koeplinger)

London Tattoo Convention

Kris Magnotti (New York Adorned)

London Tattoo Convention

Chris Stuart (Ace Tattoo)

London Tattoo Convention

Matty D'Arienzo (IN2U)

London Tattoo Convention


London Tattoo Convention

Painting by Robert Aalbers (Clean Solid Tattoo)

London Tattoo Convention

London Tattoo Convention

Richie Clarke (Forever True Tattoo)


Takeover Tuesday: Toothtaker

30th September 2014

Every tuesday we're asking a different tattooer to takeover the blog and post some of their favourite tattoos. This week its Isaiah Toothtaker of Staring Without Caring Tattoo in Tucson, Arizona.

Amanda Leadman Tattoo

Amanda Leadman (@agraice) (Black 13 Tattoo)

Ben Bramzell Tattoo

Ben Bramzell (@ben_bramzell) (Legacy Tattoo)

David Cote Tattoo

David Cote (@thedavidcote)  (Imperial Tattoo)

Dusty Neal Tattoo

Dusty Neal (Black Anvil Tattoo) (@dustyneal)

Henry Hablak Tattoo

Henry Hablak (@hhablak) (OTR)

Kyle Crowell Tattoo

Kyle Crowell (@kylecrowell) (Torch Tattoo)

Shen Schubert Tattoo

Shen Schubert (@shenschubert) (Duke St Tattoo)

Rich Hadley Tattoo

Rich Hadley (@richhadley) (Rain City Tattoo)

Luca Font Tattoo

Luca Font (@lucafont) (Bergamo Custom Tattooing)

Tron Tattoo

Tron (@losingshape) (OTR)

Paul Urich Tattoo

Paul Urich (@nowheresvillesf) (Nowheresville Tattoo)

Spider Sinclaire Tattoo

Spider Sinclaire (@spidersinclaire) (Two Hands Tattoo)

Bugsy Tattoo

Bugsy (@bugsybugsy) (3rd Eye Tattoo)

Daniel Albrigo Tattoo

Daniel Albrigo (@danielalbrigo) (Three Kings Tattoo)

Gary Royal Tattoo

Gary Royal (@garyroyaltattoo) (Hunter & Fox Tattoo)

Gre Hale Tattoo

Gre Hale (@grehale) (Rain City Tattoo)

Hugh Sheldon Tattoo

Hugh Sheldon (@hughsheldontattoo) (Cloak & Dagger Tattoo)

Maxime Buchi Tattoo

Maxime Buchi (@mxmttt) (Sang Bleu London)

Rose Whittaker Tattoo

Rose Whittaker (@rose_whittaker) (OTR)


London Calling

25th September 2014

London Tattoo Convention


Here all weekend, no updates till Monday. Use discount code "LONDONCALLING" for 25% off anything on the webstore and follow us on @swallowsndaggers for instagram updates throughout the weekend!


Awesome Tattoos # 172

25th September 2014

Becca Genne-Bacon Tattoo

Becca Genne-Bacon (@beccagennebacon) (Hand of Glory Tattoo)

Cam Davis Tattoo

Cam Davis (@the_clam) (Berlin Tattoo)

Chris Fernandez Tattoo

Chris Fernandez (@chrisfernandez_8p) (Ocho Placas Tattoo)

Chris Marchetto Tattoo

Chris Marchetto (@chrismarchetto) (Redemption Tattoo)

David Bruehl Tattoo

David Bruehl (@davidbruehl) (Redletter1 Tattoo) 

Eli Falconette Tattoo

Eli Falconette (@eli_falconette) (Blacklist Tattoo)

Hexa Tattoo

Hexa (@hexapdc) (OTR)

Ivan Antonyshev Tattoo

Ivan Antonyshev (@ivanantonyshevtattoo) (Affinity Tattoo)

Tom Arnison Tattoo

Tom Arnison (@tomarnison) (North Sea Tattoo)


Awesome Tattoos # 171

24th September 2014

Andrea Giulimondi Tattoo

Andrea Giulimondi (@andreagiulimondi) (The Family Business Tattoo)

Destroy Troy Tattoo

Destroy Troy (@destroytroy) (Timeless Tattoo)

Jesse Germs Tattoo

Jesse Germs (@jessegerms) (Otherside Tattoo)

Kyle Crowell Tattoo

Kyle Crowell (@kylecrowell) (Torch Tattoo)

Mimi Wunsch Tattoo

Mimi Wunsch (@miwunsch) (Sea Wolf Tattoo Co.)

Nick Mayes Tattoo

Nick Mayes (@nickmayes) (North Sea Tattoo Co.)

Polaren Per Tattoo

Polaren Per (@per_tatuering) (DEN GAMLA SKOLAN TATUERING)

Shaun Bailey Tattoo

Shaun Bailey (@shaun_bailey) (Sacred Electric Tattoo)

Shaun Topper Tattoo

Shaun Topper (@shauntopper) (Captured Tattoo)


Awesome Tattoos # 170

23rd September 2014

Bradley Tompkins Tattoo

Bradley Tompkins (@bradleytompkins) (Swansea Tattoo Co.)

Eterno8 Tattoo

Eterno8 (@eterno8) (OTR)

Frank Carter Tattoo

Frank Carter (@frankcarter23) (Sang Bleu Tattoo)

Javier DeLuna Tattoo

Javier DeLuna (@javierdeluna_) (High Seas Tattoo)

Lewis Parkin Tattoo

Lewis Parkin (@lewisparkin) (Northside Tattoos)

Nate Hudak Tattoo

Nate Hudak (@nate_hudak) (Flying Tiger Tattoo)

Sam Ricketts Tattoo

Sam Ricketts (@sam_ricketts_soos) (Great Western Tattoo Club)

Scott Smith Tattoo

Scott Smith (@scottsmithtattoos) (Olde City Tattoo)

Zach Jeffers Tattoo

Zach Jeffers (@sloanxkettering) (Outer Limits Tattoo)


Awesome Tattoos # 169

22nd September 2014

Bold Holds Tattoo

Bold Holds (@boldholds) (Inflicting Ink)

Colo Lopez Tattoo

Colo Lopez (@cololopeztattoo) (OTR)

Marc Nava Tattoo

Marc Nava (@marc_nava) (DaVinci Tattoo)

Nick Corbett Tattoo

Nick Corbett (@nick_colin_corbett) (Forever St.Pauli Tattoo)

Philip Yarnell Tattoo

Philip Yarnell (@philipyarnelltattoos) (Sang Bleu Tattoo)

Sal Sciuto Tattoo

Sal Sciuto (@sal_sciuto_tattoo) (Melbourne Tattoo Co.)

Teen Hearts Tattoo

Teen Hearts Tattoo (@teenheartstattoo) (Private Studio)

Tony Talbert Tattoo

Tony Talbert (@tonytrustworthy) (Golden Monkey Tattoo)

Will Duncan Tattoo

Will Duncan (@willwillwont) (Whiskey Lane Tattoo Co.)


Awesome Tattoos # 168

21st September 2014

Aron J Dubois Tattoo

Aron J. Dubois (@aronjohndubois) (Scapegoat Tattoo)

Dan Coy Tattoo

Dan Coy (@dcoy_fbc) (The Electric Texta)

Dane Mancini Tattoo

Dane Mancini (@dane_soos) (Inkamatic Tattoo)

Flurick Ruslan Tattoo

Ruslan Flurick (@flurickpunktattoo) (Punk’n’Tattoo)

Franz Stefanik Tattoo

Franz Stefanik (@franzstefanik) (Okey Doke Tattoo)

Iain Sellar Tattoo

Iain Sellar (@iainsellar) (The Black Lodge Tattoo)

John Reardon Tattoo

John Reardon (@johnreardontattoos) (Greenpoint Tattoo Co.)

Just Jen Tattoo

Just Jen (@justjentattoos) (Den of Inequity)

Ryan Bonsall Tattoo

Ryan Bonsall (@deaddweight_fbc) (HS&HG Tattoo)


Flash Friday # 4

19th September 2014

Adam Hudson Tattoo

Adam Hudson (@hudsontattoo) (OSC Tattoo)

 Andrew Slater Tattoo

Andrew Slater (@tattooandrewrva) (Heroes & Ghosts Tattoo)

Andy Gibson Tattoo

Andy Gibson (@andythomasgibson) (Thrive Studios Tattoo)

Dan Coy Tattoo

Dan Coy (@dcoy) (The Electric Texta)

Daniel Gomes Tattoo

Daniel Gomes (@_daniel_san_) (Queen of Hearts Tattoo)

Jamie Greaves Tattoo

Jamie Greaves (@jamiegreavestattooer) (Real Art Tattoo)

Jeffrey Pons Tattoo

Jeffrey Pons (@anvilchandelier) (King of Swords Tattoo)

Matt Pike Tattoo

Matt Pike (@piketattoos) (Wealthy St Tattoo)

Mills Tattoo

AJ Mills (@mills_artwork) (Black Garden Tattoo)


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