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Michael Shantz Interview Interview

Michael Shantz Interview

Interview with Canadian Artist, Michael Shantz about our collab t-shirt and his…

Josh Stephens Interview Interview

Josh Stephens Interview

Interview with American Tattooer Josh Stephens of Hold it Down Tattoo in…

Chris Lambert Interview Interview

Chris Lambert Interview

Interview with English Tattooer Chris Lambert of Nine Tails Tattoo in London,…

Davee Interview Interview

Davee Interview

interview with Polish Tattooer Davee

Built on Tradition. A collection of Backpieces. Interview

Built on Tradition. A collection of Backpieces.

interview with American Tattooer Jeromey "Tilt" McCullough of New Life Tattoo in…

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Awesome Tattoos # 187

01st November 2014

Cheyenne Sawyer Tattoo

Cheyenne Sawyer (@cheyennesawyer) (Atlas Tattoo)

Dustin Barnhart Tattoo

Dustin Barnhart (@goldfangerzapps) (Berlin Tattoo)

Florian Santus Tattoo

Florian Santus (@floriansantus) (Paris Classic Tattoo)

Frank Carter Tattoo

Frank Carter (@frankcarter23) (Sang Bleu Tattoo)

Jessi Preston Tattoo

Jessi Preston (@jessiprestontattoos) (Two Horse Tattoo)

Marc Nava Tattoo

Marc Nava (@marc_nava) (DaVinci Tattoo)

Mimi Wunsch Tattoo

Mimi Wunsch (@miwunsch) (Sea Wolf Tattoo Co.)

Murray Sell Tattoo

Murray Sell (@murraysell) (Flying Tiger Tattoo)

Sal Sciuto Tattoo

Sal Sciuto (@sal_sciuto_tattoo) (Melbourne Tattoo Co.)


Happy Halloween

31st October 2014

Happy Halloween to all our readers! Here's two tattoos, no Flash Friday today but it'll be back next week!


Troy Trujillo Tattoo

Troy Trujillo (@copperagecorpse) (King of Swords Tattoo)

Omar Powers Tattoo

Omar Powers (@omar_m) (Trader Bobs Tattoo)


Awesome Tattoos # 186

30th October 2014

Alexis Hepburn Tattoo

Alexis Hepburn (@disintegrationxvx) (Ink Life Tattoo)

Davide Marazzina Tattoo

Davide Marazzina (@dmarazzina) (Alternative Art Tattoo)

Gong Tattoo

Gong (@gongta2) (Wild Rose Tattoo)

Joshua Marks Tattoo

Joshua Marks (@joshuamarkstattoos) (Envision Tattoo)

Joshua Solomon Tattoo

Joshua Solomon (@joshuaxsolomonxrhatklor) (Two Hands Tattoo)

Tony Nilsson Tattoo

Tony Nilsson (@tonybluearms) (Blue Arms Tattoo)

Max Kuhn Tattoo

Max Kuhn (@maxkuhn) (Illegal Tats)

Oliver Bach Tattoo

Oliver Bach (@oliver_bach) (Duke St Tattoo)

Rachie Rhatklor Tattoo

Rachie T (@rachierhatklor) (Blue Lady Tattoo)


Awesome Tattoos # 185

29th October 2014

Alex Zampirri Tattoo 

Alex Zampirri (@alexzampirri) (Heart & Soul)

Becca Genne Bacon Tattoo

Becca Genne-Bacon (@beccagennebacon) (Hand of Glory Tattoo)

Chriss Dettmer Tattoo

Chriss Dettmer (@chrissdettmer) (The Blackhole Tattoo)

Dan Smith Tattoo

Dan Smith (@dansmithism) (Captured Tattoo)

Gre Hale Tattoo

Gre Hale (@grehale) (Rain City Tattoo)

Jamie Greaves Tattoo

Jamie Greaves (@jamiegreavestattooer) (Real Art Tattoo)

Mick Gore Tattoo

Mick Gore (@mickgore) (Mick Gore Tattoo)

Nick Baldwin Tattoo

Nick Baldwin (@nickbaldwintattoo) (Bold as Brass Tattoo)

Yongbin Jang Tattoo

Yongbin Jang (@888ta2) (Blood Candy Tattoo Works)


Yellow Beak Press Percy Waters Prints.

28th October 2014

 Percy Waters Tattoo Flash        

 In 2015, Yellow Beak Press will be releasing their upcoming biography Sailor Vern. Leading up to the release of the Sailor Vern book, Yellow Beak Press will be selling limited prints of selected Percy Waters blueprint sheets from Sailor Vern’s personal collection. They will be 18x24 offset printed posters on 80lb gloss paper. Every one of these sheets carry with it classic imagery from one of the greats, presented in Waters’ unique printing method. We will be releasing each sheet individually over the course of the next few months and will reveal more detailed descriptions of each as they are listed. The first in the series will be released this week! Available now in the Yellow Beak Press store. Aaron LeGore will be selling them as well on ebay and through his shop, Calamity Jane Tattoo (970)424-5065.

Percy Waters Tattoo Flash

Stay tuned for more details about the Sailor Vern book and follow them on instagram @yellowbeakpress or check their blog for more updates!

Percy Waters Tattoo Flash

Percy Waters Tattoo Flash

Percy Waters Tattoo Flash


Flash Friday # 8

24th October 2014

Andy Gibson Tattoo

Andy Gibson (@andythomasgibson) (Thrive Studios Tattoo)

Antoine Larrey Tattoo

Antonine Larrey (@antoine_larrey) (Sang Bleu Tattoo)

Boshka Grygoriew Tattoo

Boshka Grygoriew (@boshka_grygoriew_alvy) (OTR)

Harriet Heath Tattoo

Harriet Heath (@harrietheathtattoo) (Higgins & Co)

Ian Wiedrick Tattoo

Ian Wiedrick (@ianwtime) (Magic Cobra Tattoo)

Josh Egnew Tattoo
Josh Egnew (@joshegnew) (Three Kings Tattoo)


Sonny Joe Williamson (@sonny_joe_tattooer) (Skin and Needles Tattoo)

Tom Arnison Tattoo

Tom Arnison (@tomarnison) (North Sea Tattoo)

Torbjorn Seeberg Tattoo

Torbjorn Seeberg Lund (@tbseeberg) (Upskiboo Tattoo)


Awesome Tattoos # 184

23rd October 2014

Alexis Hepburn Tattoo

Alexis Hepburn (@disintegrationxvx) (Ink Life Tattoo)

Aron J Dubois Tattoo

Aron J. Dubois (@aronjohndubois) (Scapegoat Tattoo)

Eterno8 Tattoo

Eterno8 (@eterno8) (OTR)

Giacomo Sei Dita Tattoo

Giacomo Sei Dita (@6dita) (Inkamatic)

Isaiah Toothtaker Tattoo

Isaiah Toothtaker (@toothtaker) (Staring Without Caring Tattoo)

Jeffrey Pons Tattoo

Jeffrey Pons (@anvilchandelier) (King of Swords Tattoo)

Kalun Miles Tattoo

Kalun Miles (@kalunmilestattoo) (The Tattoo Shop)

Xam Tattoo

Xam (@xamthespaniard) (Seven Doors Tattoo)

Dan Nelson Tattoo

Dan Nelson (@dan_nelson_nyc) (Greenpoint Tattoo Co.)


Awesome Tattoos # 183

22nd October 2014

El Carlo Tattoo

El Carlo (@elcarloaloha) (Aloha Tattoo)

Erich Foster Tattoo

Erich Foster (@erichfoster_tattooer) (Rise Above Tattoo)

Franz Stefanik Tattoo

Franz Stefanik (@franzstefanik) (Okey Doke Tattoo)

Javier Rodriguez Tattoo

Javier Rodriguez (@javier_rodriguez1977) (LTW Tattoo)

Karl Wiman Tattoo

Karl Wiman (@happykarl) (Malmo Classic Tattoo)

Kevin Berger Tattoo

Kevin Berger (@lovetilldeath) (Queen of Hearts Tattoo)

Shaun Bailey Tattoo

Shaun Bailey (@shaun_bailey) (Sacred Electric Tattoo)

Shaun Topper Tattoo

Shaun Topper (@shauntopper) (Captured Tattoo)

Tom Burrey Tattoo

Tom Burrey (@tomburrey) (Rock of Ages Tattoo)


Awesome Tattoos # 182

20th October 2014

Alex Wild Tattoo

Alex Wild (@alexwildtattoo) (No Pain, No Gain Tattoo)

Austin Maples Tattoo

Austin Maples (@austinmaples) (Idle Hand Tattoos)

Blair Maxine Hewitt Tattoo

Blair Maxine Hewitt (@blair_maxine_hewitt) (Foothills Tattoo)

Colo Lopez Tattoo

Colo Lopez (@cololopeztattoo) (OTR)

Dan Coy Tattoo

Dan Coy (@dcoy_fbc) (The Electric Texta)

Isaiah Toothtaker Tattoo

Isaiah Toothtaker (@toothtaker) (Staring Without Caring Tattoo)

Rich Hadley Tattoo

Rich Hadley (@richhadley) (Rain City Tattoo)

Nate Hudak Tattoo

Nate Hudak (@nate_hudak) (Flying Tiger Tattoo)

Rempe Tattoo

Rempe (@rempetattoo) (Hold it Down)


Flash Friday # 7

17th October 2014

Oliver Bach Tattoo

Oliver Bach (@oliver_bach) (Duke St Tattoo)

Nick Branfield Tattoo

Nick Branfield (@nickbman) (Cardinal Tattoo)

Louie Rivers Tattoo

Louie Rivers (@louie_rivers) (The Dungeon)

Greggletron Tattoo

Greggletron (@greggletron) (Scapegoat Tattoo)

Bold Holds Tattoo

Bold Holds (@boldholds) (Inflicting Ink)

Caleb Morford Tattoo

Caleb Morford (@calebmorford) (Bijou Tattoo)

John Hill Tattoo

John Hill (@johnhilltattoo) (Consolidated Tattoo)

Mike Mendes Tattoo

Mike Mendes (@mikemendes) (The Circle Tattoo)

Torbjorn Seeberg Lund Tattoo

Torbjorn Seeberg Lund (@tbseeberg) (Upskiboo Tattoo)


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